Luna 2.0 Airdrop

Hello dears
TW currently doesn’t support Luna 2 airdrop while as a popular wallet, many investors store their tokens on this wallet.
So, the question is: if wallets could not update themselves with such changes, how can we trust them? I had luna in an exchange company and received my airdrops successfully at the fist day. So what will happen to my gone money if TW decides to not support the new luna token?


@Vahidov about new airdrop we’ve clarified here on what to do to access your new LUNA airdrop: Trust Wallet Renames Existing Terra Network to Terra Classic Network

On supporting new Terra blockchain; we’ve put a poll for users to vote whether they want Trust wallet to support either new Terra blockchain or Ronin (as we can only integrate one of them currently) and most of them choose Ronin, here’s an announcement about this: Community Governance Vote - To Integrate Terra v2 or Ronin?

You can see voting results here: Snapshot

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Many thanks to you for the help my friend. But actually i can not see my coins in the Terra wallet. Although, my luna coins are on bep20 network and not luna. Is this problem to the network?

@Vahidov I think snapshot was taken on mainnet LUNA only not BEP20 that’s why you didn’t receive. Contact LUNA team for clarification on this.

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Yeah, it was really poorly communicated that if your terra was on bep20 you would get nothing…seems like they could have just done a snap shot od those holding in wormhole? Anyway, you may get some eventually? Otherwise out of luck just like me brother!

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Yes brother. You are right. Unfortunately they cheat us. Even i talked to their admin at Agora and ahe said this airdropa only belongs to the stored tokens at terra!
I can not understand this kind of cheating. They mean our tokena are not existing in this world at all!!!
She said that we will MAY announce the time for receiving airdrops for other networks! But just might and not sure!

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If you have old luna tokens in your trust wallet then new luna 2 tokens airdrop will not show in your trust wallet because trust wallet currently not supported luna2 blockchain.
To get your new luna2 airdrop you need to download the terra station wallet form PlayStore or IOS app.
1- Copy your secret key of your trust wallet and password.
2- open Terra Station Wallet
3- Click on Import wallet
4- Paste secret key of your trust wallet and Password
5- Hit Submit button
See my video on youtube
This video in urdu language.