Missing Cosmos ATOM tokens

I am sorry but transactions for ATOM are not working yet. I have uninstalled the app, installed latest version for iOS, and also on my Android tablet. I put my phrase in and recovered my wallet perfectly. My balance shows up but I am still getting the same error for trying to send my ATOM. I have a 100mbps connection and I have used a VPN through Turkey, Singapore, and Dubai with the same problematic result. What is the next step?

I see. Thank you for letting me know.

What is your Cosmos wallet address? (press cosmos, select the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

Ok here is the ATOM address for my trust wallet

Noted. The dev team is now investigating this issue. Kindly wait for our updates and thank you for your patience.

@iamdeadlyz It still is NOT possible to transfer my ATOM tokens to another wallet. Any idea how long it is gonna take to resolve?

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I am on the latest version of the iOS app (5.14) and I am still unable to transfer my ATOM tokens. It just says “Something went wrong… Try again” whenever I try to send any tokens.

I am more frustrated by the lack of transparency. This was apparently resolved in the last version “Applied latest cosmos network upgrades”.

Is there an ETA for getting this fixed?


will we see app update fo android soon? we now have atom but not realy :smiley:

Bro heres what i did. I downloaded CosmoStation wallet. I used my trust wallet seed phrase to import the wallet into cosmostation. made sure the address was the same one in my trust wallet and my balance was right there… sent to my coinbase account with no problems whatsoever.

use cosmostation wallet and import your seed phrase…youll be able to have full control of your coin that way. I just did it and it worked for me no problems…

А где брать эту исходную фразу я немогу понять???

Я немогу понять а где брать эту исходную фразу ???

Worked for me thanks Bro! been waiting since Friday!

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Hi @wigg, @FredE, @Cosmoss, and @derdevil

The dev team will be pushing out an update for the Android and iOS version. It will be rolled out by today/tomorrow, once the App store and Google Play store approves it.

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Damn! Nice update for Android (1.26.15) !!! All tokens showing **** now, instead of actual balance!
Please correct ASAP, amateurs!

You may have pressed the total balance, which in return, hidden the balances to asterisks. Please follow this guide:

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trust wollet is ubdate now i see my balans

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Trust wallet has been updated with Cosmos but my balance is still 0.

Please help

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