Missing EWT coin - never received

I recently sent EWT tokens to my Trust Wallet. The transaction shows on chain that it was received and completed to the correct TW address. However, the coins never came to my wallet. It is a bridged coin. When I sent from Kucoin it gave a memo to be entered but there was nowhere in TW to enter this memo (for the bridge) so I did not enter it. Maybe the issue is from this? Please help!

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Here is the transaction: Transaction 0xadaca56bf047f2722785ae340e938541ec1298f9a8017b74b8dce2707780b324 - Energy Web Chain Explorer

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Contact with The support from. Where you sent

Hi @wjr1971,

Please be informed that EWT is not supported in the app. You can get your private key (follow this guide: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address). Then import it to a supported wallet: https://energyweb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EWF/pages/1075052624/Energy+Web+Wallet

Unfortunately, this did not work. The address I sent to does not show in the derived paths.

I submitted a ticket almost a week ago and it has gone nowhere. Does Trust Wallet not have support for such issues? This is very concerning.

No need to submit a ticket. This forum is one of the official support lines.

Moving forward, please select ETH in the list of coins, search for 0x42A3DE2B03bD2592A2B958277070e64387242fbC in the list of derived address, then you can get the private key to import it on supported wallets.

Thanks you. I was able to locate my private key.

However, in my Trust Wallet I have this:

I am not understanding why I cant send the coins to this wallet inside of my Trust Wallet.

That token is an ERC20 version of EWT. Hence, it is called “Bridged” with a B on its ticker. Sending a native EWT to an EWTB address will not convert it to EWTB automatically, it will remain as EWT.