My safemoon tokens have been lost in my wallet somewhere.plese help

Hey could anyone help me…I transferred safemoon to bnb address in the trust wallet app by mistake over a week ago.i thought if I reloaded the app it would go back to hasn’t and now all my transactions history has disappeared from my safemoon on the app.plese help me get it back.


Hello @Jam67 , To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

2.BNB wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button and attach it here)

  1. Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste and attach a screenshot as well)

I’m trying to send the screen shots but it’s not letting me send them…I’ll keep trying

you can send them in plain text, Just copy them and send here I will look on them.

The about settings on my trust wallet said version 1.28.8
I’m sorry for not getting back to you earlier.i was working and my boss is a nightmare…if you could reply whenever you can I would appreciate that

I lost my safemoon too while trying to convert it from smart chain…help

Hi @Jam67 This guide will explain how to recover your funds when you have sent it to the wrong network.

I followed the link you sent me but I can’t find safemoon on the coin I used ETH as that’s what I think I was to when I go back into my wallet to import is it the bip32 extended private key address I put into ETH in my wallet or is it the first derived address at the top of the list…I don’t understand why to use ETH in my wallet because I tried swapping safemoon too there anyway I can add safemoon too imports on my wallet?

Safemoon is BEP20 token, select smart chain from selection not Ethereum.

Ok select smart chain in the mnemonic code converter and the same on the app? And is it the top address from the derived address I put into import on the app.?or the bip32 extended private key address?.thank you for getting back to me.

Were you able to get them back? Having the same problem and can’t figure it out

Hi, I’ve just bought 0.125 BNB on the app and want to convert it into Safemoon tokens with pancakeswap. However, when I unlock my wallet in pancakeswap, it says that I don’t own any BNB to swap for Safemoon. How do I get the balance of my trust wallet to appear on pancakeswap?

No not yet…I’m really new to all of this.but I’ll get there… if you follow the link in this you can at work just now so need to try later.and I’m waiting on someone getting back to me

Have you had any joy with recovering your still trying.if any one of us gets them back we should message one another

Hey alan.i have followed the instructions but no joy yet.every time I recover a wallet it is smart do I get the safemoon tokens back in.will they come back as smart chain or safemoon?

As Safemoon, if it still not visible add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Safemoon is available in my multi wallet but not when I go to import the private address…if I add manually using the steps you just sent… will it then show up when I go to import?

Hi, I need help and struggling to use this site.

I bought Safemoon via trust wallet. I then tried to transfer my Safemoon tokens straight to SavePlanetEarth(SPE) token. The wallet wasnt on my trustwallet and didnt add it until after.

But its not loading up with my tokens, although it states in my safemoon wallet that that the transcation is complete.

The money is missing somewhere. Can someone please help? Where has it gone and how do I get this back?

Did you get yours back? I’m struggling here.let me no how you get on.i can get right up to import wallet but when I import the wallet its only smart chain and not safemoon that comes up

When I put safemoon into etherscan it says no results.i have safemoon in my multi coin wallet so how do I get it on to the list of coins to import?