My trc keeps vanishing out of my wallet

Why my bitcoin transaction still processing for over 17hours. Please i need a response to this as soon as possible

Hello @Daneva
Please wait for your transaction to be confirmed.
The bitcoin network is most likely congested.

this is where my trx has gone again!! TTAJQwn9phfUvEqETobXsgWBKvunewBUK1 this is now the third time now its gone ?? i need help please

tobi this is a screenshot

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as you can see its just gone 3 times im getting sick of it!!!

thanks ralph

@ralphosten If you notice unauthorized transactions on your wallet, then it is compromized and you need to stop using it immediately.
It is recommended to create a new wallet and abandon the compromised one. Please make sure you downloaded and installed the legitimate Trust Wallet app on official sites, you can check here:

Learn more:

I check my transaction on the blockchain web and it’s still pending for more than 24hours now, showing 0 critical and 2 issues. What does that mean

Sent some bitcoins to another wallet but it has been pending for days. I was told my transfer fee is too low what can i do or is there a sure way i can speed up the processing of it. This is the worst side of using your app trust wallet, i never knew

@Daneva You have to wait it out.
Firstly, reimport your wallet, if it’s not been sent out, you should see it available.
If not, you’d only have to wait.
Also this isn’t a Trust wallet issue, the bitcoin network is mostly slow.

I have done that but still not working. Can i make another withdrawal from my wallet regardless of the one that’s still pending without it bringing up issues or getting my transaction hooked

@Daneva Reimport your wallet first then check to see if your transactions are still pending

Yes i just did but now i can’t see the transaction i did that was pending. Only can see it on the explorer. I’m using the latest version of trust wallet, please help

@Daneva Can you provide the transaction ID ?

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This is my transaction id


This is my transaction ID


@Daneva You’d need to wait for the transaction to either be sent through or returned to your wallet.
Please stop spamming the same messages also

How long do i have to wait for it to be sent through or returned, that’s why i asked if i can make another withdrawal regardless of the pending one

@Daneva I am not certain of the wait time, it’s actually not decided by Trust wallet but how congested the Bitcoin network is.

What if i make another withdrawal and increase my withdrawal fee as well?

@Daneva I am not certain regarding that but you can give it a try.