Polygon send to Wallet using BSC network instead of MATIC

I send Matic tokens via Binance to my Trust Wallet using the wrong network.

Here are the details:

Trust Wallet version: 7.23
Crypto wallet address: 0x4d1ff9bbf13830f630C594C707Ea71BDFF72aeD9
Transaction hash or link:
Details about the issue:
I used the BSC network instead of the correct one

I hope this helps but if any other details are needed just let me know.

Time to update your app version in the Playstore , and it’s still in your wallet it’s the 432 MATIC ? you can add it manually ,If it does not show up your wallet .

For you information you can swap it too in your Trust Wallet .

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Just updated to 7.24.2!

In regards of the transaction, the tokens never arrived

My was guess is that since I selected BSC network instead of the MATIC one the tokens got lost

It’s not lost please check the link , this is the tutorial on how to do it : How to Add a Custom Network on the Trust Wallet Mobile App

Matic Token

Contract: : 0xCC42724C6683B7E57334c4E856f4c9965ED682bD

Please add it to your wallet and you should see your money .

Thanks! I get it now.

It was under the MATIC BEP20

Now I also understand why you mentioned the Swap option as well.

All good and I can see the funds now!


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You are welcome . Topic closed …