Probably i didn't understand about backup

Ho, Sorry for newbie question, but i couldn’t find a precise answer…
I’ve took note of 12 words, but i can’t understand how to recover my wallet if my phone suddenly breaks or bricks… Do i Just install trustwallet in my new phone and out 12 words? Do i have to save a file somewhere? Is trust Wallet backupped by Google backup?

How can i avoid losing my tokens if phone suddenly breaks and can’t access It?

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Hello @Caffeine, please read this:

ok, so if tomorrow my phone stops working, and i can’t access trustwallet anymore on that device, i simply install it on a new device, put my 12 words and i will have my wallet restored, right? sorry but i’m not english native, so i could misunderstand some parts :sweat_smile:

Hello @Caffeine
Yes that’s correct, just ensure you never share your words with anyone and also ensure that you confirm you have backed them up correctly
Learn more about how to protect your cryptos and new wallet:

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Это абсолютно правильное понимание 12 слов. Именно так все и выглядит.