Recurring issue when using Pancake Swap

This has happened to me over and over on Pancake Swap and it has happened with more than one coin.

I swap coins and I lose 20%-30% each time. This time, I documented it with screen shots except for one screen (because I thought I sorted it out).

I should have gotten 0.68-0.71 BNB. This time in the final pop-up, Pancake Swap said that if I did not get at least 0.58 BNB that it would revert that transaction. My slippage was set at 11%.

The transaction went through and I only got 0.51 BNB. Something is really wrong with Pancake Swap.

Do we take this up with Trust Wallet or Pancake Swap?


@Skb Follow this issue in Pancake Swap and share the result for more information in the community.

Where can I follow it?

I still need more characters in order to post this question.


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Hi @Skb,

It is best to contact the pancakeswap admins or dev team about this.

Hi, the same happened to me with ELONGATE. I am Googling like crazy to find a way how to contact Pancakeswap other than via Telegram and haven’t been able to find a way how to contact them. Anyone any idea on how to contact Pancakeswap in case of partial loss?

Same here!
I swapped BNB → Elongate yesterday.
My BNB was $350 worth and I spent about $330 to get Elongate so Elongate worth should be $330 - fee (less than $1) and my slippage tolerance was 10 or 11%.
But Trust wallet shows my Elongate is only $270ish.
What to do???

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If you guys are referring to the price, read here: