Refinable Pancakeswap - Tokens went missing - need help

Version 5.21



When I try to add as custom coin it doesn’t work, and I can’t see any Fine Coin in my account please help

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1 . 5.21 (5210
2. 0x120fa018641ADACE3b6dc5790f81D5EFF6fAF5E0
3. not available
4. Was trying to swap smart chain to FINE
5. says cant embed media item in the reply

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Hi @georgem1988 check these 2 articles about pricing info on Trust Wallet:

Version 1.28.8 I don’t have a wallet for the refinable. The wallet I was making transaction with was smart chain bnb 0xA31628Dd82E147a864c3962E845E4f4A082e6E3e
Transaction hashtag 0x55cac88c45b2985e590577637fb03efd1268fb670ba2455412249f953ddd795d
Was buying refinable with smart chain bnb. Transaction says success.

Similar, it doesnt show any numbers any more only ****
Pancake shows i have assets?

Hello guys, make sure you followed the instructions according to this article also use VPN: How to Add a Custom Token

I followed the steps.

  1. Select smart chain on network selection
  2. Contact: 0x4e6415a5727ea08aae4580057187923aec331227
  3. Name: Refinable
  4. Symbol: FINE
  5. Decimal: 18


Yes, I had a different variant. 0.5 bnb returned to my wallet. Then I looked in my wallet and saw the number of BNB change several times and then it said 1.663861. This is not right, because that 0.5 bnb has to be added so now it has disappeared. What kind of hassle is this? I have an overview from BSCscan where it says exactly how much BNB is had before the swap and after the swap. 0.5 Bnb has disappeared. Who is going to solve this?

Tap on **** above. See screenshot.

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help i wanna transfer fine back to bnb but I won’t let me. it say Its allright send but the value is 0

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I also need help with this. Mine shows an error transaction. I also wanted to buy FINE

I got the same problem

  1. 5.21
  2. Not available
  3. Was trying to swap smart chain to FINE.
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Now it shows that i have no fine and bnb amount is also like the buy was succesful. What now? Also pancake shows i have fine.

Follow my instructions above please: Refinable Pancakeswap - Tokens went missing - need help - #17

Hello , i tried to buy FINE tokens with BNB only one transaction was completed with 1 BNB, the others had failed but i have lost 0,5 BNB. Transactions hqve failed but assets never came back. Please help !


i did swap my wbnb to FINE, two times and now i only see my second buy on my truswallet, HELP

on the transaction list it says 0 bnb was withdrawn by the smart contract call but with that being said my money is still gone?

1- version 5.21
3- 0x6ea295e3ad0afb9a544525e785327ba1966000351785bf06b2dcaf5782ea17a8
4 - so I bought some refinable and it went through as can be seen from my tx hash, I enabled FINE in trust and initially it was showed and reflected, however 15-20 mins later I went back to the app, it showed my BNB is back to original balance and I had no more FINE, I tried to send the bnb again ( thinking my transaction didn’t go through ) but each time it shows error, probably because it has been used to buy FINE already, so now I can’t see my fine in my wallet and in pancakeswap, and my balance is the same as what I started off before buying FINE, but I can’t send it anywhere ( probably doesn’t exist)

The pancake swap image was when my FINE was still in my wallet before I checked again 20 mins later, then it disappeared and my bnb went back to original balance, please assist me thanks in advance!

I can’t attach image for some reason I will try in another post

Hi I’m in the same situation i bought refinable via pancake swap. I had a successful confirmation message. But now I’ve added the refinable token to my wallet manually its shows as no transaction.
My bnb has not been refunded so the transaction went through.
Is there a way of finding a copy if the transaction - can’t find anything on pancake swap or trust wallet.
Just wondering if i may have added the wrong address to the add manual token in the trust wallet. Is there a way of finding the token address again


I have the same problem, but my transactions are showing as successful.

But no funds are showing in trust wallet.

Who can help !?


I bought refinable at 9:24 at the time of purchase fine was showing at 4.98. I swapped 401 to fine which should have given me a little under 80 coins however I only got 46 valued at 130 can someone please explain this to me!!