Sending usdt trc20 is temporarily not working

There are no issues in regard to receiving assets, only for sending.

You can double-check if you successfully received your tokens by using the blockchain explorer: (enter your wallet address in the search bar)


There’s a search bar here, and you can enter your wallet address or transaction hash

Press it, then you will be redirected to your wallet’s overview

Link for your reference:

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I saw that only TRON showing
USDT not showing and I unable to find 500$ USDT Tether transaction also
I tell my friend I didn’t get amount ?


Click the Transfers part to see TRC10 and TRC20 transactions.

Based on the transaction history, the last tx, which is outgoing, was done 2 days 19 hrs ago. So if your friend was supposed to send it today, then he/she did not do it yet.

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Alright I just informed them about it.
I will update it once I get reply from them
Thank you

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You’re very welcome!

A reminder to always stay safe while exploring the crypto space, have a read:

Remember that we will never ask for your seed phrase; talk to you via WhatsApp, Telegram, or other platforms. Also, we will not request fees or payments to provide you with access to your funds. Be vigilant against scammers and impersonators, and report them to us immediately. Stay SAFU!

So the other safe way to transfer my current USDT out is using the tron link you provided?

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Hi @Darrenhing :wave:

If you need to transfer it ASAP, then yes. Otherwise, you can wait for our app update.

Can you please explain why nobody wasn’t warmed time before it happened? And how is that possible that Trust wallet is not able transfer the TRC 20, while other wallets can? And both are using Tron as the fee method.

And can I transfer my TRC20 ONLY by using segregated wallet or I may use any other I choose?

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The engineering team was aware of the upgrade. The testing and communication with the Tron team just took time in regard to the adjusting of fees. This issue is a high priority, so we can see an update very soon.

If you researched and found other working alternatives, you can use them. Otherwise, you can follow the guide mentioned earlier.

New Android update will come tonight or tomorrow?
I m waiting for new update.

Hi @Zeeshan1989 :wave:

We can’t give any ETA yet since third parties like the app store and play store are involved in the process. Rest assured that the engineering team is working on this one, as this is their number one priority to resolve.

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I performed an update now and now there is a different warning message in the app than before when I click on my USDT balance:

“A transaction can fail due to the last dynamic energy approval. We are working on app update.”

I take it you do not recommend to perform any transactions yet?

Please how long would the update take ?
And tron link is not available on playstore … why?

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@MiBaby @davedukeleto
Trust wallet android version 6.75 is available for users. This version fixed the error (ignore the banner) related to tron network transactions and all TRC-20 token functionality should work.

Kindly update your app to the latest version if you are using an android device. Let us know if you still facing any issues after updating the app.

No app update for IOS yet, but we will release it as soon as possible. :pray:

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Ok I am using ios but you mean it’s working now on android and one can be able to withdraw USDT trc20 on android !

Right.? Like it’s possible to withdraw now on android ! ?
Please can trust wallet make a statement concerning this on their twitter account
That would be really necessary… thanks

@MiBaby yes, you can transfer from Android version. iOS update will be available soon.

How much will it take to release IOS application? Can you estimate it approximatelly ?

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Hello davedukeleto
Have you tried withdrawing on your android?
Did it work?

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