Sent Binance-Peg Ethereum accidentally to an Ethereum ERC20 wallet


I’m totally new in crypto and made an enormous mistake.

I sent Binance-Peg Ethereum (BEP20) from my Trust Wallet to an Ethereum wallet (ERC20). This Ethereum wallet is in the Bitvavo Exchange. I contacted the support, but they told me, they are not able to help me and that i lost everything.

On this Trust Wallet community i found this guide: with this link:

There is no private key in the Ethereum Bitvavo wallet to recover it, so i hoped to find it this way, but it didn’t help. Maybe i did something wrong? I found a private key by filling in the form and then you have to add this private key to your wallet where you sent it from in Trust Wallet. But that’s not possible to do. I also tried to make a new Binance-Peg Ethereum wallet, but i can only choose Ethereum as a new wallet, not the Binance-Peg Ethereum version. So i tried to paste the private key in a new Ethereum wallet, but when i do that, i still not receive my lost Binance-Peg Ethereum back.

Here are some more details in the link and screen shots below. I hope anyone can help me. I would really appreciate, so thank you in advance!

link bscscan

Sorry to hear about your recent experience.
If you have sent your funds wrongly to an Exchange, then unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

Too bad… Next time I’ll pay more attention. I have now learned a hard lesson… Thank you for your respond anyway.

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