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Dear members, I have problem with submitting ticket for the Trust Wallet support.

When I’m creating a ticket for the support and try to submit, I am asked for login to the support portal with my email and password. My email doesn’t match the password so I am trying to reset my password by “forget your password” button so I can get a link, but I am not receiving any emails from Trust Wallet to reset my password.

I don’t know if I do something wrong, my app is up and running and I can use my Trust Wallet without issues, but I can’t submit a ticket for the support. I can’t remember that I’ve connected my email address to Trust Wallet, but I received an email from the payment gateway (Transak) when I downloaded the app a few weeks ago, so I suppose the same email address is for Trust Wallet support portal. I am really frustrated right now and don’t know how to reach the support. Should I visit Trust Wallet social Media? Can anyone guide me?

Would really appreciate help here.



@Rollingcombo The login page is only a bug, please hit the back button and try resubmitting.
If that doesn’t work, then remove any attachments from the ticket and submit again.


@Tobi thanks, will give it a try. But what to do with any attachments? Shall I create a new ticket and only send the attachments? Wouldn’t that be the same issue?

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@Rollingcombo By attachments I mean if you have included screenshots or video recording.
You can exclude them then submit the ticket, once you get a response via mail then you can respond to the mail and send the attachments there.


@tobi, it worked, so now I just need to reply to the email I received and attach my files and further info by mail right? :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


@Rollingcombo Yes please you can reply to the mail you received with a ticket ID.


Hi guys I need some help.I have made a few transactions and now I want to find out the company associated with each address, how do I do this because there are only addresses and I do not remember which each belongs too?

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@RobzAn No one can help in identifying where an address you sent to is from asides you.

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I need help ,I had three buys through quantumfinancialsystemledger . When I refused to stop buying more stellar XLM the guide stopped answering on Telegram . He never set accoint with trust wallet so now my fund is stuck in the dashboard of quantumfinancialsystemledger .I was just learning an the guide just dropped me. Anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this matter .

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@Kmujica That’s a scam, i’m pretty sure there’s no way to get your money off that website.
Please stay vigilant to these types of scams and protect yourself better.

Learn more:

I need a help i swap a coin in pancakeswap but, uptil now it has not reflect in my trust wallet

@Khaleefa77 Can you please provide a transaction hash if you have any ?

Five days ago I transferred BTC into my trust wallet account from an exchange, and the transfer shows on my trust wallet history, however I see no balance being displayed on my Bitcoin wallet. I am using the latest version of the app. What’s going please this bitcoin is important to me please release it

This is my wallet address


the transaction but is not showing the balance

@Maliiklay Please follow the troubleshoot guide below if your tokens are not being shown:

Hello i made a transactions earlier today on my cell to receive a bitcoin, but it never came through
It shows 0 balance on my trustwallet app but when i click on the explorer i have the total balance showing up there

@Ayoola897 Please follow the troubleshoot guide below:

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I made a bnb transfer from binance to trust wallet but i cant see any funds in trust wallet. Even though in transfer history it says success. What to do

@ranmed75 Please follow the guide above:

Please I sent BNB from my trust wallet app to my BYBIT wallet and I did not receive it… rather my transaction history is showing me that I’m sending MATIC COIN and I never had any MATIC COIN before

@Pyper33 If you already sent out to your Bybit wallet, then you need to contact their support team.