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Hello i made a transactions earlier today on my cell to receive a bitcoin, but it never came through
It shows 0 balance on my trustwallet app but when i click on the explorer i have the total balance showing up there

@Ayoola897 Please follow the troubleshoot guide below:

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I made a bnb transfer from binance to trust wallet but i cant see any funds in trust wallet. Even though in transfer history it says success. What to do

@ranmed75 Please follow the guide above:

Please I sent BNB from my trust wallet app to my BYBIT wallet and I did not receive it… rather my transaction history is showing me that I’m sending MATIC COIN and I never had any MATIC COIN before

@Pyper33 If you already sent out to your Bybit wallet, then you need to contact their support team.

After I clear the cache and storage… and I sign in my Trust wallet app back using my device. The coin is now showing normal but the bnb was now sent to another address not the address I sent to.

Not that I need to contact them… I knew the fault was from Trust wallet because when I sent the coin… my transaction history is showing me that I’m also sending MATIC coin

@Pyper33 Do you have a transaction hash ?

hello, i am Faradji

someone have stolen my money from Strust wallet in 4hours please i need help .

@Faradji Unfortunately there’s nothing the Trust wallet team can do regarding stolen assets, please create a new wallet and stop using the compromised wallet.
Here are a few tips to help protect you better:

what about bnb06 com ? please can you explain how you work with them , do they have access of our money?

@Faradji That’s a scam and not in any way affiliated with Trust wallet.

Here is the transaction harsh


@Khaleefa77 That transaction hash shows you sent to another address and not a swap.

Hello, why can t you answer my query? tell me about that mining pool and how do you collaborate with them?

@Faradji I sent you a response above, Trust wallet is not affiliated with that or any mining pool.

ok so protect our funds from that kind of mining pool , otherwise its gonna be a problem

they shouldn’t have access on our wallet without permit , i think that will be better .

@Faradji If you didn’t give permission or access to your wallet, there is no way anyone would have access.
Trust wallet is decentralized meaning you are in full control of your wallet hence any compromise of your wallet is as a result of what you did or may have done.