Success transaction but not delivered

I made a transaction on my trust wallet account to my bybit account, stated “success” but I didn’t receive it in my bybit account. What can I do? Please help me out. This is the transaction hash 0x2483d5fbb012779b7fb20dd048c33831c33a7fd7b25786c95f1758d60faa7667


@Reminix You need to check if Bybit supports the token you have sent there, then also you need to contact their support team regarding this as it’s not a Trust wallet issue.

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Please help me out, I have usdt in my wallet and I have been trying to top up my TRX but whenever I transfer to TRX it will top up my usdt wallet instead of TRX wallet.
Please what’s the cause of it.
I need assistance please

@Biggyfunds Check that you’re sending TRX and not USDT from the sending wallet.

Hi, I swapped from BNB to Eth on my trust wallet but the funds are not showing?


How should i approach the issue

@albialbishi You received the ETH already, please note swaps aren’t instant.

Hey, please help me I sent a token under bnb to my trust wallet, it’s shows on blovk Chain that I have it but I can find on my wallet? What can I do please

@Rameybrain Please try adding the token manually, you can use the guide below: