The first three letters of recovery phrase

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My trustwallet was deleted from my phone and to recover my wallet, I wrote down only the first three letters of the recovery words because I thought that twelve words would be displayed during the recovery and I only have to choose their order. Now, by entering the first three letters of each word, it will suggest one or more words. Is the correct word related to recovering my wallet definitely present in one of these suggested words? For example, by giving the first three letters that I have for the first word ham, Trustwallet suggests two words: hammer and hamster. Is the correct word related to the recovery of my wallet definitely from one of these suggested two words, or is it possible that the correct word is not included in the suggested words of Trustwallet?


@hadi492 Please be informed that it is impossible to recover the wallet without the recovery phrase. You should have a backup stored in a safe place.
Also, the Trust Wallet team does not keep a log of your recovery phrases for your security.

For further information, please read:

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yes, I understand My question is that I wrote down the first three letters of each of the 12 recovery words, and by entering them, Trustwallet offers me one or more words. Is the correct word related to the recovery of my wallet among the words suggested by Trustwallet or can it be another word other than the words suggested by Trustwallet?

@hadi492 No it isn’t related to your seed phrase.

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Hello, I need your help, please help me

I wanted to add my rewards to Stake Tron. After I added them, my previous Trons were frozen and I could not participate in the Stake. It has been abou 20 days now that my Trons have not been released yet.

When I hit max, the number of frozen assets is shown for that stick, but below the number of available minuses is not available

How can I send an email to the Trustwallet support team directly? Please help

@hadi492 Please open a support ticket

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I did it through the ticket and it tells me to contact the support team to solve my problem and get more help

@hadi492 Yes at the top right corner, submit a ticket and you’d be contacted via email.
Only official email is [email protected], so you can expect a response from there.

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I don’t understand what you mean, can you explain the route to me more, please?

@hadi492 Go to
At the top right corner, there is a Submit a Ticket button.
Click that to submit a ticket.

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Do you think is valid? Doesn’t using the services of this site endanger our security? Are you aware of the performance of such sites?

@hadi492 That’s definitely a scam, who suggested that?
Please block and report such.

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About the site iancoleman. i o/bip39 If you have any information, please help

@hadi492 It’s for recovering funds if you have sent to a wrong address


Thank you for your response.
On the help page of the TrustWallet site with the subject:

“Cannot Import Wallet “Invalid mnemonic phrase” Error”
" When you encounter an “Invalid mnemonic phrase” Error, you need to check the following: … The words are included in this “word list”"

And on the “word list” page, I see 2048 words. Are they the same number, and if there are more, do you know their location?
As Trustwallet has emphasized in this sentence, recovery words are in the “word list” section! Therefore, recovery words should not be outside the “word list”.
What is your opinion about this?

@hadi492 That just simply means all words in a seed phrase are from this list of 2048 words but it doesn’t mean you can guess your recovery phrase from that as it’s highly unlikely.

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trust wallet said, “Seed phrases aren’t any random words; they’re obtained from a predefined set of words as part of the BIP-39 seeds.”
I have a question about this, how many words does BIP-39 seeds contain?

Hi, hadi492! You have good question.

BIP-39 has 2048 words in wordlist. You can find this list of them. Just write ’ Bip39 wordlist’ in search engine.

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