Transaction not received in my wallet

Where can I get it from ?! Please …so I can send it to you cuz I have no idea

@One111 Contact the support team of the wallet you sent from.

Alright I’ll do that and get back to you as soon as I have the info you need

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This is the hash they sent to me …can you check

Hello, I transfered a BEP20 token to my Trust Wallet and I received a notification on my phone from Trust Wallet that the deposit was received, however when I look in the wallet it shows a 0 balance. How do I resolve this?

Hello @Freedom_Strike
Please see the guide below:

Any feed back on my issue please ?!… so I can know where to go from here

@One111 That transaction ID is not correct, please confirm from them again.

Wow…I don’t understand again honestly….the support at the other wallet said I should send that …I’ve messaged them again and I’m currently waiting for their reply

@One111 You’re missing DOGE token.
If that transaction ID is correct, then you can check on a DOGE explorer (e.g and see if it shows any valid response.

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Version 9.6(802)

So what’s the problem

Still nothing …well I’ve given up honestly …I’ll just be using a different app from now on …thanks for the help tho

@One111 I have told you, it’s not a Trust wallet issue.
Request for a valid transaction ID from the sending wallet.
You can also check your address yourself to see that you have no pending transactions.


I did a transaction from my trust wallet account using MoonPay to sell XLM coins - the coins left my account - MoonPay said they didn’t receive the coins and are asking for the Hash transaction code - but there is nothing on my trust wallet account that shows the transaction hash code. So what do I do now?

Hello @Jack78
Can you provide your XLM receiving address.

@Tobi thanks for the reply - well how do I find this? I was on trust wallet - I wanted to sell 24999 XLM so it redirected me to MoonPay - I followed all instructions. The 24999 are gone - and MoonPay tells me they don’t have it - they want the Hash number to check manually.

@Tobi here it is:

Amount To Send 24999 XLM
Deposit Wallet Address Tag 1284886373

@Jack78 Can you confirm if your balance is supposed to be 108,000 XLM before after selling.

@Tobi Oh no - my balance before selling was 24999.0630… Thank you so much.