Trouble Swapping DOGE for BUSD

I currently have over 250 DOGE in my Trust Wallet but I need to acquire Binance Smart Chain so I found the swap for paying DOGE to receive BUSD (BEP2) to get me started.

However, when I select those tokens in my swap, it shows I have a balance of 0 DOGE. Why is that? Shouldn’t it reflect the total currently in my wallet?

If there’s a better way to go about getting from DOGE to Smart Chain let me know!

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If your DOGE is in BEP20, you need Smart Chain BNB for fees.

I think you are selecting BEP2 DOGE which is different from BEP20.

Kindly confirm which network DOGE you have.


@Ugodspecial I bought the DOGE on and then sent it to my Trust Wallet, but I can’t seem to find anything on either platform showing me which token I have.

I must have BEP20 DOGE since a balance for my DOGE does not populate when I try to swap.

You need to go to and confirm which network and address you used for the withdrawal.

For instance, do support BEP20, BEP2, ERC20 or the Native DOGE block chain?

So in all, you need to check which of these four chains was used for the withdrawal before you can proceed to check if you used the right address to receive it.

I am not sure Binance supports all four though, only Native DOGE and BEP20 DOGE i am sure they support.

Kindly double check.


@Ugodspecial On the “Network Type” is listed as Dogecoin DOGE. That must be the Native DOGE block chain, correct?

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Yes. So confirm if the address used is the native coin doge in trust wallet.

Else you have to follow this guide to see ho you can recover coins sent to wrong network How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

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I will double double check that the trust wallet address is for native DOGEcoin. Thank you so much! :pray: