URGENT Purchased BNB 2 hours ago, confirmed approved by simplex. Nothing in my BNB wallet

Purchased 1000 dollars of BNB 2 hours ago, confirmed and approved by simplex. Nothing in my wallet bnb. I have not seen anything update on my side, and am very confused on when my 1.7+bnb is


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how long did it take for the bnb to show after you bought it from the 3rd party


I have the same problem. Got confirmation that I bought BNB at least 14 hours ago and it’s still not in my wallet. I want to swap it but without the coin I can’t. Very frustrating! I will never use Simplex again!

Same thing here. Purchased BNB at about noon today. Recieved an email wanting me to confirm I recieved the BNB. Sent a request ticket and haven’t heard back. Been about 7 hours.

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Hi @kittyswervee, looks like you already received the BNB and made a cross-chain swap: https://explorer.binance.org/address/bnb1duv629wjyskmhah5m830mxvd2f0mf9z2xva7x2

@Bananas, dude to the huge demand. Third-party crypto providers like Simplex take time in delivering the cryptos. You can reach out to them directly by sending a ticket here: https://www.simplex.com/submit-a-ticket/

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Same issue with me, 5hour still nothing, last wk using another platform get my BNB within 5min, but by Simplex its nowhere to be found


Same problem. About 20 hours now. What was your solution? Were you able to get help with this?

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Thanks. Just FYI, I tried to reach out to them. I went to their chat support. I was, I think 62nd in line. I watched it for about an hour or two until I was 38 or so in line. Then it told me something went wrong, kicked me out of the queue, and gave me a form to fill out to submit my issue. When I went to submit the form it gave me an error message. I tried two more times. I will never use Simplex again.!

So 30hrs in got my coin (2.5 bnb). Now i can’t do the swap. Even though it clearly states the coins are in my wallet, when i go to pancake swap, it says i don’t have enough coins. Even if i tell it swap 1 bnb to safemoon, it says insufficient bnb?! (Not insufficient liquidity, i get that if i try to swap 2 bnb over). Any ideas? Is there a hold when coins are first received, before you can swap them? You all are great. Thanks.


@Bananas gotta go to swap it to Smart Chain in the swap section of the app, then the balance will show.

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I’m having the same issue as well I just deposit money in my bnb smart chain and I don’t see anything in my trust wallet but, my banking account shows -200 taking out. Is there someone for customer service ?

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It took almost 4 hours today for my transactions to clear, but they did. I purchased some BNB through Simplex in the app, which I then swapped to Smart Chain.


Awesome ! So I’ll wait it out for a little while. Thanks for the update

Same issue, I bought bnb took 1 min last time I purchased it. Tried the smart chain side. Still haven’t received it and the wallet they sent it too was with a looser case b instead of a capital b. Will this matter?

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I have issues too. Bought some BNB smartchain through SimpleX. It mentio transaction successful but yet my trustwallet showing 0. Any help on this?

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Same here, I bought some BNB through Simplex and received the email asking if I received my cryptocurrency and accidentally clicked on the button that said it confirmed I received them. Got the email around an hour ago and still haven’t received my BNB. Do I need to wait or did I mess up the process by saying I got them?

Hey J, I’m in the same boat as you now. Where you able to get your BNB in the past 14 hours at all? I checked my wallet on Dex Explorer and it doesn’t seem to show any transactions yet and I received the “did you get your cryptocurrency” email about 4 hours ago.

[UPDATE] Received mine about 30mins ago. Probably high number of transaction. Might have to wait awhile

Thank you, I was able to get the BNB after 5 hours waiting. I do believe the reason most people aren’t getting it right away is that there is just too much people trading at the same time.