USDT cloud mining scam help needed

So here i share my story with all of whom got scammed by the USDT DeFi cloud mining projects based on USDT on the BNB smart chain.

A couple of days ago i was randomally invited in a whatsapp group with so called employees from a exchange. Around 100 People where in it and we were promised good benefits and high rewards.
At first i invested a small amount and after receiving my income and all the good stories (too good to be true) i got enthausiastic and put all my savings in it. After some days i get sceptical because it was far too easy. You wont believe me, but these guys are so professional they help you with everything and are so polite, unbelievable. I searched a lot online to found out that i was about to be scammed by them. Because the group was young (5 days maybe) i had access to al my funds.

So here comes the part.

App version 8.16.1

2 days ago i tried to swap my Total USDT BNB smart chain funds into a BTC swap on Trust wallet. Normal fee payed automatic calculated. The transaction was underway but i never received my BTC.
After exploring the link i found out the transaction was reversed due a " deposit width expirery "

So it went wrong on the smart contract i guess?

After that i search again online to found a YT video wich let me revoke my approval in Trust Wallet (on the USDT coin). This so that the scammers do not have a (unlimited) smart contract with me anymore and cant steal it further i hope.

So my question is, what chance is there to retrieve my USDT or BTC after the transaction reverse? How can i speed up this process or wich company to contact for help?

The Error

The deposit transaction

This is the BTC receive link wich never worked

Thanks in advance

@Dustin Is this address yours 0x64213F4fD818aA27095f53490c51E2Af68b94E07
Your tokens were already sent there.

Hi Toby, i dont know this adress as my swap was intended for Trust Wallet BTC aacount


Is it possible they changed the receive adress due smart contracting?

Thanks for your help!

@Dustin It seems your USDT was sent out to that address already and same time you attempted the swap hence why it failed.
You should stop using that wallet as it is already compromised and create a new one.

Hi Tobi, thank you for your advice.
When i make a new wallet, do i need my old seed phrase? Or make a complete new one?
What is the next step to retreive the goods?

Best regards, Dustin

@Dustin You need to create a new wallet and delete the old one.
Also your funds are most likely gone as whoever compromised your wallet sent them out already.