Where is my wallet private key?

I want to connect on metamask but where to find private key?


Dear Trusteer,

  • Open your Trust Wallet.

  • Click on Setting ( the symbol extreme right down).

  • Click on Wallets (Multi-Coin Wallet 1).

  • Click on the 3 dots beside Multi-Coin Wallet 1).

  • Then, you’ll see your key -open it.


I don’t see private key. All is see is recovery phrase and public keys


Please check out here Private Key and Recovery Phrase. What’s the Difference?


I know the difference right. Where is private key? Because I need it to paste on metamask


I’m not annoyed by your utterance. Right now I am being attended to in the hospital lab. I just opened my :trust: Community and saw your post and it’s urgency.

I had to ask them to give me little time so I can offer an assistance to a community member who has an urgent need.

I had to research and google what I sent to you. I felt you are tensed and may not get it outrightly.

Here is where I got the last thing I sent to you. Because I was hurrying to attend to you, I did not check the full details:

1| Private Key

We all know that the private key is the most critical component to manage and control your assets. For all the digital currency users, a private key means ownership, and you can control your corresponding cryptocurrency assets only when you hold the private key. In short, if you lose your private key, you will lose your cryptocurrency assets!

The private key is composed of a 64-bit hexadecimal character generated by the encryption algorithm, just like this: 5KYZdUEo39z3FPrtuX2QbbwGnNP5zTd7yyr2SC1j299sBCnWjss

The generation method of the private key is completely random, it has 64th power of 16 times probabilities, that is, 256th power of 2.
One wallet has only one private key
and cannot be modified. Normally, the probability that two people have the same private key is almost zero.

NB: Where One wallet is written, I thought it’s One token - because I’m hurrying to offer an assistance.

That’s my mistake! I apologise! We’re here to help one another.



Your recovery phrases serve as your private keys,


Multimask, MyCrypto, Enjin and probably some other wallets apparently do not fully recognize the Trust multi-coin wallet from which they only import ETHs.
This is why private keys are of prime importance


@trustwin Maybe you could take a look at this post and you will get the answer.


I lost private key can recover

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If the app is stil install on ur phone kindly get it back up from settings

But if the app is not

There is no way you can recover the wallet with private key or mnemonic phrase


When creating the wallet1 and upgrading it …do you use the catch phrase to recreate the wallet1 from the supplied Trust Wallet one or where the coins are located eg Exodus Wallet?

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There aren’t any three dots just an info symbol. Using Trust ios app and cannot find my private key…could you help?

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Hi @ahmetmercan,

Please follow this guide: Backup your Recovery Phrase or Private Key

If the private key option is not there, then you can extract it using the recovery phrase by following this guide: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address