Balances not showing after wallet restore

How do I send a screenshot as plain text? Its a screen shot. Please xplain how I can post up a screenshot here for you as plain text? It does not give me that option. Its copy, send to etc.?? i been trying this for days. I want to find why my coins have not arrived in my restored trust wallet, I need some help here.

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@daarryl Yes I mean type it out as a text.
Although I have enabled the option for you to send screenshots now.

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Hi Tobi I just uploaded the screenshots again but it still says I cannot embed media files in a post ! The screenshot is not letting me just copy lines of text off it.

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@daarryl If you can’t upload a screenshot, type out the details like i said above.
Type out your receiving address and transaction ID if any.

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recieving address
Heres a couple of transaction hash


@daarryl Please try the guide below:

The tokens are showing up but the balances are zero. the token list of custom tokens I have added before is therein the wallet. gala, spell, ufo, but balances are zero.


@daarryl Please send a screenshot of that

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I deleted my wallet and restored a new one, why would it have an error?

@daarryl Here is your address on the explorer

You have those tokens in your wallet, please try adding them correctly on the ERC20 network.

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How do I do that? When I look at as example UOS with zero balance in wallet it says ERC 20. What do I need to do to get those coins into the wallet?

@daarryl Can you tap on the token and send a screenshot of that here ?

@daarryl This is most likely from your device internet.
You could try deleting the app and then reinstalling.

Hi Tobi. thats how I ended up in this situation in the first place. My waallet would not send any tokens to anywhere, DEX, CEX, or another wallet so I tried a bunch of trouble shooting things but nothing worked so I deleted app then reinstalled and restored wallet but token balances did not arrive so do you think I should uninstall restore again?

@daarryl Yes you can do that.

 ok I will uninstall then reinstall and restore wallet with back up phrase and let you know shortly.