Balances not showing after wallet restore

Tobi my valance is not shown after wallet restore please hlep me get my funds

I do have my phrases that is not the issue please guide me to recover my tokens

@Mariom2g Have you tried adding the tokens manually if they are shown.

How can we do it manually? Please let me know how can i do?.. please and thank you

Same issues here.

Same issue here. I dont know what to do.
Im really sure i found my phrase but it doesnt show me my balance

@pgonzalez2910 Here are guides you can follow:

Tobi, is there an eta on the fix for the latest update? I have confirmed that all steps were taken on my end. After the new update , my wallet does not allow me to add new tokens or show theyre balances. There is also a glitch with the wallet connect feature when interacting with Rabby. Once connected, the app will show an unlimited amount of connected sessions and cannot be removed. Also, Dapp connection through the Trust Wallet browser have become spotty. We’re looking forward to good news on a fix soon.

Hello @Johnmayn95
The bug with adding custom tokens is being looked into and should be resolved soon.
Regarding the wallet connect glitch you mentioned, do you have a video recording of the error.

Thank you for the fast Tobi. It wont allow me to upload a video but here are images regarding the glitch when connecting to Rabby.

@Johnmayn95 Can you attach the video to a google drive and share that here

@Johnmayn95 Also try clearing your app cache or delete and reinstall the app and see if that helps.

I’m unable to attach a video to this thread. I went ahead and re installed the app. All the wallet sessions went away but when you connect to Rabby again the same issue occurs.

Hello Tobi,

I lost my phone and bought a new one. Restored the app. Added my seed phrase, but the wallet is empty. When I check my bitcoin, there’s no bitcoin at the address. I own quite a bit of crypto.

What can I do?

Hello @Hierarchy
Please make sure that you have the right set of words.

I have only ever had one seed phrase. I’ve never had another one. Can you help somehow?

@Hierarchy Unfortunately there’s no way we can help as we do not keep logs of the seed phrase.

It opens a wallet. Shows my coins (mostly) but not all, and then shows zero balance for the coin list. I’ve tried searching the coin wallet address, but shows zero. I have six figures in crypto on trust wallet… it’s not a small amount.

@Hierarchy If you can see some of your tokens, then it’s probably the right one you have.
You only need to add the other missing tokens manually then.

But I have my Seed phrase. I’ve only ever had one seed phrase. My coins show up on the list.

This is my address that was associated with my seed phrase!!! But it’s not ! WTF