Balances not showing after wallet restore

@Olamilekan06 There are no recent transactions on this address.
You may need to contact the sender to confirm where they have sent to.

Hello. $1482 worth BTC was sent to my wallet address but up till now it doesn’t reflect on my dash board though it shows on the bock chain explorer

Mobile app version: 8.1.4

Btc receiving address: bc1qec0u9xld7l9gjs9nkl9g9420kjavrll9f30mh4

Transaction hash: f2358d2dcc70f9954f000eb975555ebe19e631a4308f29bfd55c8e927cf44ad9

Hello @btdavinci
The Transaction shows as pending so you’d need to wait till it’s confirmed on the blockchain.

Me again. I’ve emailed several times. Got ignored on this thread and tried reddit. Here is my latest transaction hash. Clearly shows it was sent to my trust wallet. Where have my tokens gone?


@Cryptowiz Your tokens were sent to your address

If you can’t see them still, follow the troubleshoot guide below:

Thats my wallet address? So they should be in my wallet. Like I’ve been saying this entire time

0x41C59411416Cef653DFc0E595Ce8064F3D3dF9d8 this is my address i aready try manually but its nor working

Hello tobi i chanche my phone restored my wallet with the phrases but i cant get my tokens this is my adress plese help version 8.3.2

Hia tobi i change my phone restored my wallet with my 12 phrases but it show 0 valance on my token i try to do it manually but its not working plese help me this is my address 0x41C59411416Cef653DFc0E595Ce8064F3D3dF9d8

@Mariom2g There is no history of transactions on this wallet address.