Binace to Trust Wallet PROBLEM

I have spend 12 days days trying to figure out what went wrong with my binance to trust wallet transfers with no luck. Tried Binance support, it was worse than useless. I have been looking through some of the threads here and there seems to be a lot of problems re:Trust Wallet and Binance. If someone in Trust Wallet support could please have a look at what I did and point me in the direction, that would be great, Thanks in advance. PS, does anybody have an email/phone etc. for binance support. One other thing, when I entered the Trust Wallet address into the binance address box, binance changed it, which is where I think the problem starts!

Trust Wallet Ver. No. 1.27.9

1st Token
ETH Token
TxID: 0xcec653d393ebdddaada7212014c967e13d61fdf9e0a26640d3a5c2b29a9dcab5

2nd Token
CAKE Token
TxID: 0x4ce8e6249996be8af383a2d302d53813e44e5c7f330ea08d386c480f30394a43

3rd Token
BNB Token
TxID: 0x07fca7ee6b4cb1eac6f20de8977b8d98510c9e6ef31c5b740dbb84214c49a0fd

Thanks, I will give it a try…

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Hi @Amgine your Private Keys are your crypto, never share your Private Phrase/Keys with anyone… telegram is infested with scammers beware!

The tokens you received are BEP20 tokens.
They are already on the wallet.
All you need to do is add them manually.
Search for Binance Pegged ETH.
You can follow this guide for reference.

Hi I Transferred ETC from binance to Trust Wallet using Binance Smart Chain BEP20

Wallet address:

Network Txid: 0x557090165e138494cd6db02b5f0e51237d267205ddc4cf4250c0387b6ccbf6e3

I have enabled all etc coins on Trust Wallet, BEP20 included. Funds do not seem to be in the wallet for over 24 hours now!

Can anybody help me???

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The withdrawal you did was for a BEP20 transaction.
What this means is that you sent a Pegged ETC token that resides on the Smart Chain network.
This is not the native ETC.

This wallet address, 0xaAFc5Ad4e5e5F6CEa63311fE99eEBF4e05351225, is this your ETC address?
If the answer is yes, you would have to get the ETC Private Key then import it as a Smart Chain wallet.
Follow this guide for reference:

Hello @zachzwei

I have just tried this and my Smart Chain wallet is empty after i import the private key?..

What is the Smart Chain address that you got after importing the Private Key?
Can you share the address or better yet the QR code of the receive address?

Hi I’m looking to get some help with my transfer from binance to trust wallet

Hello @Folorunsho58 To better assist, please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

  2. Crypto wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here. Also copy and paste it in plain text)

  3. Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste)

  4. Further details about your issue (please explain what you were trying to do)

  5. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors or missing balance)

  1. 6.8 (681)

  2. txid is 0x0d4ff85cb568acdbd83a969452ebd95a8df4154d83159620bc1d455c8f195a37

This is what the email said. Your withdrawal address is 0x1ffD473DED94bA88e49d3Cd44cfDEC032c1907ef,txid is 0x0d4ff85cb568acdbd83a969452ebd95a8df4154d83159620bc1d455c8f195a37

  1. Transferred ETC from binance to trust wallet using the BEP route. It’s shows successful for the status but it isn’t showing. It has been days since then.

@Folorunsho58 your balance didn’t reflected because you withdraw ETC BEP20 to native ETC Address.

To recover your funds, Please follow this guide (select ETC in the coin part): How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

After getting the private key, open the Trust Wallet app > settings > wallets > + button on the top right corner > i already have a wallet > Smart Chain > import the private key

I followed those steps and nothing has changed.

@Folorunsho58 is your Smart Chain wallet address 0x1ffD473DED94bA88e49d3Cd44cfDEC032c1907ef after importing the wallet?

Yes, I clicked receive > selected smart chain > screen shotted the QR

@Folorunsho58 now try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Smart Chain
Contract: 0x3d6545b08693dae087e957cb1180ee38b9e3c25e
Decimals: 18

Ok that worked! Thank you! It is now showing. So all I need to do is convert it to the actual ETC?

Try this guide: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets

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