[Important] Swapping BEP2 & BEP20 to ERC20

hey im having this issue now i am trying to swap my usdt erc20 to a bep20 as i need bnb but the binance bridge only gives the option of connecting a metamask wallet but its in the trust wallet? do you know a way around this


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Use Whitebit. They allow US investors up to 2 BTC with no KYC. Good service.

I also try metamask i lose i sent Binance peg Eth to meta . i has not receive meta acc.i did check meta transition history nothing any receive .Trust wallet is complete sent out so my money lose…i did try safepal .safepal is i get the receive but safe pal is cann not swap erc20 and can not send back to Trust wallet…so my money is can not do nothing…
Trust wallet is we put USD dollar but not get Erc20. Bep2 and bep20 is can not caushing out …i want to sent to coinbase but coinbase is not access bep2 and bep20 …Bep2 and bep2 is only under of binance .can not send other exchange …now i use trust wallet keep bep2 and bep20 is swap Erc20 need to pay swap fee and cross fee again…and then we rely to another exchange swap…very hard to get cashinh out money back

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Is this still the case (using the 4 step Binance route to chainswap from BEP20 to ERC20)?
Or has trustwallet developed a solution since this post was created?

Surely someone will create this soon!

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As far as I know, Trustwallet has not implemented this feature yet. I’m still using the Binance routing…

I used safepal for this very reason, because binance is terrible and is taking forever to approve my account. You will have to send the BEP funds to Safepal wallet, make sure you move some binance smartchain funds in there as well to cover the fees, usually a few bucks will do it. Easy as pie.

Am I missing some other way to swap in Safepal, or do all the swap pairs for BEP20 to ERC20 require high amounts to actually setup the swap? Going ERC20 to BEP20 was about 1/2 to 1/3 as much minimum depending on the pair.

Well, you have to pay the Ethereum ERC 20 fees, which can get quite high.

I only paid 2 bucks last night to swap from BEP20 to ERC! Try at different times of the day, congestion can get expensive.

It’s not the fee I’m talking about, but the difference in minimum for conversion.

Going from say ETH ERC20 to BNB BEP20 requires around 0.07 ETH at the moment, but going from BNB BEP20 to ETH ERC20 requires around 1 BNB at the moment. So you need about 3x as you may have put in to convert back. Sort of traps your coins since there’s no indication of the difference beforehand.

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Ohhhh sorry, my answer was in reference to the original poster who was trying to switch ETH bep20 to ETH erc20, so it was pretty much an even swap. As far as swapping BNB for ETH, I can definitely see a minimum trapping the coins :frowning:

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Same situation with ETH to ETH. Currently saying minimum of 0.0095 for ERC20 to BEP20 vs 0.1 minimum for BEP20 to ERC20.


Open an account on Whitebit (US residents are allowed with no KYC up to 2 BTC transaction). Send BNB there and convert it into ETH. Send the ETH to your Coinbase Wallet.

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Pancake is liquidity is very hard to buy now …now i find smart comtract …because pancake is now not smoothly to use .lest week i add liquidity 1 BNB nad Twt but pancake is sign cone out when i buy same problem .so TRust wallet is good but not smooth to use with pancake . i find out smart contract …now try use only another exchange swap…pancake is now liquidity problem that customer is move to etherum exchange so etherum price is 2 or 3 week between price is go up .because pancake customer is day by day move to etherum network exchange …liquidity problem is day by day customer move out etherum business is will be go up .,pancake is need to keep customer and need to use smoothly that can keep it …binance xoin price will go down if pancake still has liquidity problem …etherum exchange will become more busy …

Totalmente de acuerdo es más podrían hacer que tus monedas estén en la cadena que estén puedas pasarla a otra erc20 a smartchain, a polygon a tron y así podríamos trabajar con todas y en sus dapp sin tener que hacer tantos movimientos, que es imposible con los fees de eth hoy en día

How did you do this?! I send regular ADA (cardano) to trust wallet months and months ago and they automatically turned it to BEP20 peg cardano and I can’t send it to any actual Ada wallets because it’s not compatible anymore. Does anybody know if there’s a way to get my regular cardano back?

If only Trust wallet can integrate withdrawals or swapping into any type of coins before going out to another wallet, we can choose what type of coins we can get just like binance when I are going to withdraw coins you are ask what type of network ur coins r going to.

@JamesHoffaFSU read this guide on how to convert Binance peg tokens to their native coin: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets

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