Missing tokens / coins

i being also having few token never made it to the wallet (NFTART/FINE/ECP/ELONGATE)
i need help i am trying to get support but seems very hard to get InTouch with them .
i could see the transaction in swap chain /bscscan .

really need help
thank you


Have you had a response?

Has it been fixed? I sympathize with you, it is very frustrating not getting support from the Trust Walket team.


Dang, I feel totally screwed… I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to figure this out, I finally pump more money into Binance, then switched over to smart chain, finally after much wasted time and money I was able to get it converted to ETH. I transfer it to a different wallet, get a confirmation and all. I go to look if it’s in my other wallet and it’s not there, nor is there a transaction history. Go figure.
Can I please have my money back or at least know why I did not receive my ETH? This is outrageous!


Hi Paul, how long did it take to resolve the issue? That number responded to me too. Hopefully it can get sorted quickly. Thank you


dear sir/madam
I just updated my iphone after I restored my trust wallet but there is no funds, and my wallet address are changed note(I don’t have any other wallet) could you please help me out to solve this problem!

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Please read linked article and Follow the steps mentioned there.


There is no solution after reinstalling app i put recovery perhaps but my wallet address change

Addresses Changes only when user’s use different seedphrase than they had balance in it

But i had written in the piece of paper how it could be change? After reinstalling i am facing this issue

Please make sure that you have the right set of words. Here is a guide that might help: Cannot Import Wallet "Invalid mnemonic phrase" Error


I was instructed by Trust support to update, delete and re-import my wallet. Now all my BInance chain transaction is now gone. I hope this can be fixed because I have money that will be lost. I cannot believe this is happening,


Don’t worry about transaction history, Would you please what’s the problem you are facing?


My coins are missing I don’t understand what to do help me pls !!! This is


I bought 2 tokens 2 days ago and I never received the funds from those purchases in your trust wallet. I’ve provided all transaction, my wallet address and received address previously to a person called Alan that is from the Trust Wallet customer support and awaiting a response.

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I understand your frustration. I tried to transfer funds into BNB on my trust wallet and no confirmation has come through. This is a new issue.

Have your issues been resolved?

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Problem is after reinstalling the trust wallet app no funds address are changed same recovery phrases but we got new address without funds,

Has anyone been able to recover there missing funds?

Sounds like this is a big issue for lots of people


same here, its been 2weeks since i made deposit and never received funds in trust wallet. Contacted support but haven’t heard back from them since their last reply over 7days ago. Frustrating and ridiculous customer service!

Hi dqsmith, I’m losing patience, they need to get better. A lot of people have a lot of money invested and there is accountability taken by trust wallet or phone number to call for them to fix the missing funds.