Not received transaction

@zaryabaliasghar If you sent on the BASE network, you need to add the ETH manually on the base network.
Tap the upper right corner on your main wallet page then search ETH and toggle on the one with the BASE tag
Here’s a guide:

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I was sent btc transaction complete on blockchain explorer both yet to show in my balance

@aziakponofelix I’d suggest you reimport your wallet or switch your internet connection.

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I’ve tried every troubleshooting means it’s still the same it been 3days now I received the completed transaction in my transaction history but the money has not add up to my account
My wallet address bc1qnka7snknwhf7x0p8ewc3gmkcy88y9qctc5dexu

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@Whalley1 Please read my response right above.
Also you should consider using the chatbot in your Trust wallet app settings for common troubleshooting tips.
Settings >> Support.

I read your response very well and I’ve even submit a ticket nothing changed that’s why I sent you my wallet address if you can help me fix that and like I said it been 4days now and I did most of the troubleshooting stuff it doesn’t work it’s still showing $0.00 instead of my $188 and it always says I should check explorer and if I do it will shows my balance but that’s in mempool you understand me

@Whalley1 I’d suggest you import your seed phrase to another wallet to access it if you’re in urgent need of them.

Please explain to me how I will import my seed phrase to another wallet coz I don’t understand

Please can you please talk to me on WhatsApp please the money is very urgent coz the owner of the money has been on my neck please

@Whalley1 That was an impersonator, we would never initiate a private conversation anywhere.

I send SLP coin On binance here from trust wallet transaction is successful but binance rejected resone is oldslp coin but I don’t get back in my trust wallet, transaction details r below plz help me for retrieve my assets

Hash Id


Deposit Id


Deposit Network




@royaldax007 Please contact the Binance team regarding that, your tokens were sent already from your Trust wallet.

From our side is it not possible to get it back if process is possible than tell me about process sir plz

@royaldax007 No it isn’t.
Trust wallet cannot refund, return or cancel confirmed transactions on the blockchain.

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Please and please i bought Arbitrum Ethereum from a Vendor twice i didn’t receive my coin on my Wallet, i only saw it in my Etherscan, i bought the first one yesterday 8th of May, 2024, i bought the second one today 9th of May, 2024, i did not receive the two transactions in my wallet, i have proof of the transactions, below is my Arbitrum Ethereum address:


Please release my Coin to me, i need it urgently. Below are the screenshots of my transactions

Don’t let me to commit suicide, release my coin, i bought 0.0006 Arbitrum Ethereum twice i did not see them in my wallet, may be i should sue Trust wallet to Court of Law

@ALPHOMECS You received your ETH on the arbitrum network.

You can add it manually on your wallet if not shown.

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I have added Arbitrum manually before i bought the Arbitrum Ethereum coin, my problem now is that my coin did not show on my wallet, it’s only show on Etherscan, how can i do it that my coin will show on my wallet? the below address show that my coin is on Arbiscan on Etherscan


@ALPHOMECS You need to add ETH on the Arbitrum network and not Arbitrum itself.


Hello, I recently made a transfer of ETHEREUM (ETH) from binance to my trust wallet, when copying the address in the trust, I copied MY ETHEREUM CLASSIC (ETC) address and I have not yet received my deposit. remembering that the ETC address is mine. need help

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@T3ixx Please see the guide here

Select ETC in the coin list and copy the private key derived then import as an ETH wallet.