Poodle not arrived to my trust wallet

Hi There, I have transferred my Poodles from WhiteBIT to Trust wallet yesterday but have not received. Please find the below details
Tx ID: 0x9793c282bc7796893c5e60fcdb43b2aab68a53a25a1665e042c3b29bbe73eda0

Address: 0x059F25eAA68D0cFa2C9dFd325dA3Fd88Dd157291

Please assist.


Hi @AshokDhulipalla Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:
Contract: 0x56a980328aee33aabb540a02e002c8323326bf36
Decimals: 9

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Hi Alan, I have done it… added the custom token and then transferred. Please find the attached screen!


Hi Alan, got them into ERC20, can you suggest me how to get into BEP20 as Poodles is no longer supporting ERC20 as per their statement.


@AshokDhulipalla contant Poodle team on how to swap your tokens to BEP20.

Me too transfered where to check erc in trustwallet…for me also not showing in trust wallet…pls guide me

Hi, I can’t see my POODLE tokens too… please help.

TX: 0x91724e5befadfafa52cabe0420146e9ba7170bfc9643edd44912309a32f0b80d

POODLE Wallet:

@mmuralimano , please create custom token with the below address


Thank you ashok…I can see it now…in future we can sell it? Erc 20 to bep20 do u have idea

Hi, no results…
How can I sent a screenshot? What can I do any more? Why is this a problem?

@Serdar1977 I have enabled media sending for you. You can now share the screenshot here.

Thanks my friend…

@Serdar1977 you received POODL ERC20 token not BEP20, you have to add ERC20 custom token not BEP20. Follow the same procedure for adding custom token token but select Ethereum on network option.

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Thank you bro… I thought I had make a ERC token. But why can’t I see the price?

About price, read this: Token price is not accurate?

Hi alan…how to convert erc to bpc20? In erc 20 we cant do anything right

Hi, @mmuralimano it is not possible currently, try to find some DApps or exchange that can bridge ERC20 to BEP20 for your tokens

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