Recovered, but missing tokens

Hello, I’m having same problem too, I had to reinstall Trust Wallet on same device but after that my tokens are gone.


Hello @Emnaktg,

To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)
  2. Screenshots of the wallet address of the two different wallets before and after recovery.
  3. What are the missing cryptos?
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  1. Trust Wallet app version after reinstall
  2. I had to reset my phone and so there is no screenshot of previous version but i know its address because I made a TWT transaction.
    Previous adress: 0x96283aa55d0614672880633d886c887ae6e31082
    after recovery:
  3. TWT cryptos are missing
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Perhaps, you used the old version where the address wasn’t updated yet.
Here’s a fix (troubleshooting part): Binance Smart Chain Address Change

I did all neccessary steps before writing here, updating app, entered the recovery phrase correctly and checked transaction history but still no cryptos.
by the way i can not submit a request about this, why is that?

No need to submit a request, this is the official support category.

You forgot to include one, which is the solution that I gave earlier. Please check the troubleshooting part.

Which steps I forgot, Can you mention that clearly if possible? Because I did all of it including reimport wallet, add token and others that I said earlier.

As I previously mentioned, here:

Follow the troubleshooting part.


I did all steps and can not submit a ticket as I already told.

In troubleshoting part:
First: " I did not move my BNB to the ETH address, I already updated the app"
I enter recovery phrase in BIP39 mnemonic code using mentioned derivation path and then import private key but still cryptos missing. I chose Binance Smart Chain as Coin and it gives same private key.

Second: " I am still missing my BNB on Smart Chain wallet"

  • step 1. is the coin supported? Yes

  • step 2. confirm balance of an address. I checked the balance and es it was correct
    this is my first and only wallet and so I have only one recovery phrase. I entered this only revocery phrase and it gives another receving address.

    • I do not use VPN
    • I already reimport wallet but still cryptos missing.
    • I tested in another device but no cryptos again
    • I can not submit ticket, it is not working.

Let’s troubleshoot it together, even though you already did it, so we cannot miss important details. Kindly do the following:

  • Go to BIP39 - Mnemonic Code
  • Enter your recovery phrase
  • Select ETH in the list of coins
  • Choose BIP32 in the derivation path, then enter this in the “BIP32 Derivation Path”: m/44'/714'/0'/0
  • Scroll down to the derived addresses
  • Find 0x96283aa55d0614672880633d886c887ae6e31082
  • Once you find it, get the private key. On the rightmost part of the columns, the private key is displayed there.
  • Open the Trust Wallet app
  • Go to the settings, then select wallets
  • Press the “+” sign located at the top right corner
  • Select “I already have a wallet”, scroll down and choose Smart Chain, select private key then import the one that we got earlier.

hi how to recover my token? i already recover my account but my token is missing…what should i do?

Hello @rj.ampo, what kind of crypto are you trying to recover? Please give us more details.

Hi, having the same issue, I recovered my account but all of my WRX tokens are missing. What should I do?

Hello @Poroxide,

Please check and follow this guide first (except step 6):

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I did the same thing and mine is missing too. I reinstalled the app because it kept freezing and when I reimported the wallet my bitcoin was gone.

Please read the explanation here: Bought/Sent/Received BTC, balance/transaction is not reflecting properly - #36 by iamdeadlyz

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