Sent to my Trust address but not received

I’m having same problem. BTC was sent to my wallet address but my wallet is still empty. Any help?

@Promise07 Please follow the troubleshoot guide:

I sent GALA tokens to my Trust Wallet but its still now showing my tokens.
Transaction Hash: 0x2f884d533b33515ea83d9178c7b32c13daedf511e55557f336ed27e0d5086858
Gala Address: 0x2266E2B02018d594EDAaB625a6cE1dCb6bb22445
I opened a support ticket 3 weeks ago, still no reply.
I followed all of the steps. I have the latest version and have backed up/recovered my wallet. I have the GALA token enabled (ERC20).

@jvandyke Can you add using the contract address below and see if that works.

  • 0x15D4c048F83bd7e37d49eA4C83a07267Ec4203dA

I don’t know what you mean? I sent the tokens from my Coinbase account to my trust wallet.

@jvandyke You need to add it manually in your wallet if it isn’t shown.
Please see guides below:

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I’m passing through same issues
My Bitcoin is showing completed but I can’t access it and it’s not showing in balance

@Preshy8 If your bitcoin is shown on the explorer but not in your wallet, then it’s just a visual bug.
You can try using the troubleshoot guide below to see if that helps:

It has reflected in my balance but I can’t send it out why? It’s showing me failed to connect to sever…and the money I sent the amount is not stable

Please help me because I did not received the amount in my BNB wallet.

Here’s the Transaction Hash code:


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@jhonz14 Please go through your transaction history below; your tokens were received and already sent out

If you didn’t send it out, then your wallet is compromised and you need to stop using the wallet immediately.

Sir i havent recieved USDT trc20 sent to me on Trsutwallet from trustwallet.

@ashishojha You received your USDT already.
You need to add it manually if not shown.

Sir I have already added USDT. Transaction was of USDT 60000 done on 16th April.
My address is TQc9HhbE2jWqaScoi77UNZx85h5qvC8qAM

I am unable to attach the screenshot of the transaction here. Getting error in uploading the same

@ashishojha There is no need to attach a screenshot, everything is on the blockchain, you have received no such token.

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Hai I’m tiwi. I send 0.17247025 bnb from binance to my trust wqllet. The transaction was successed but my balance didn’t increase. Please help me. my transaction ID : BFB7728F500554118ABAB2DE0BC5D2775978B89B3EF19E164E324D59C5C1FD4D

@Pratiwi86 You sent BNB on the BEP2 chain therefore you need to add the BNB on the BEP2 chain manually.
Although why are you still using the BEP2 BNB when the network is getting sunset ?

I transfer from binance to trust wallet but it is not showing up in wallet.
Transaction is successful.

@Adekunle123 Can you check your address on the blockchain explorer to see what it says.