Swaped from BTC to AVAX but did not recive

@vnad77 When swapping tokens for the first time, you must approve it first to be spendable. And that is what you did.

Since you are done approving the token, you need to enter the amount that you want to exchange, then press the swap button.

All in all, you will confirm two transactions: approve and swap.

Thanks for your instructions Tobi, sorry was travelling & couldn’t respond earlier. Looks like I missed the second step…so do you recommend me to do the transaction again.


@vnad77 Yes you can try the transaction again to complete the swap.

Thanks Tobi, it has worked. Really appreciate your guidance.



Good Morning Tobi,

I have another issue with a swap, I had swapped BNB to GMRX tokens around 6pm yesterday, been more than 12 hrs & I don’t see the GMRX tokens in my wallet yet.

Transaction Id: 0x8e9df03d53fb6e8e3488c91fec929acb9a01c000a40bc7072a7758787b38b575

Appreciate your help.


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@vnad77 You need to add it manually if you haven’t done that yet.

You can use the Contract address below:

  • 0x998305efDC264b9674178899FFfBb44a47134a76
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Thanks for your quick response, Tobi. I did as per your instructions, added it manually under Etherium chain…but unfortunately the tokens are still not showing up. Below is the screenshot of it.






No transactions found

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@vnad77 You made the swap on the BNB smartchain network and hence need to add on the BNB smartchain network also.


Does trust email people about holding the money from customers and how is this a trusted way of business if the emails I’m receiving are real

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@Ann4scar That’s a scam, you’d never get an email from Trust wallet regarding that.
Also only official email is [email protected]


@Tobi I have same issue, I swapped USDT(Binance Smart Chain) to Solana, on the 16/04/2024 after I signed and approved it, it’s over 24hrs now and I am yet to receive the Solana in my wallet

Wallet Version: 18.12.2
Transaction Hash: 0x46e796900c86266471f2e6a143490d2603b9a3c47577a81ad8109a82727ec9a0

@Zicken This is a direct transfer you made and not a swap.

Thanks for your prompt response after the transfer I did a swap with pancakeswap.finance swapping the USDT to Solana but I just checked in Pancakeswap now, and can’t find the history. Is there anyplace where I can find my swap history in pancakswap?

@Zicken There is nothing like a swap amongst your transactions.

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Does it mean that I loss the 37USDT? because it is not in my wallet balance and I didn’t transfer it to any other account
Also on the 12/04/2024 I sent BNB from my Binance to my wallet, Transaction is showing completed in Trust wallet history with the transferred value and the dollar equivalent is also reducing due to the current market price but it’s showing 0 balance in my wallet balance.

Transaction Hash: 0x1ee84cdf34ac5f4cc5e0acb2787ef6387e0d6366989c166d776839d5fdb0960e
App version: 18.12.2

Please kind assist because I can’t just be losing my funds in my wallet without solution, I have raised several tickets but no response I have also used the troubleshoot option yet to no avail

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@Zicken All you need is on the blockchain, you need to go through your transaction list.
You can see there is a transaction out after receiving the BNB from Binance.

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Sorry what do I do on the blockchain? Because I didn’t initiate any other transfer after I received the BNB from Binance I got transfer notification from my wallet on the confirmation of receipt from Binance and when I checked it’s showing zero balance so I wonder where the other transfer is coming from?

@Zicken If you didn’t initiate any other transfer, then your wallet may be compromised and you need to send out your other assets to a new wallet immediately.

Hi guys!
I exchange in my trust wallet USDT for ETH, Usdt disappear but never swaped to ETH

Transaction Hash:






Transaction was done yesterday, dont know where Usdt are, maybe in waiting queue?
Im lost with Trust Wallet

@Tobi Please is there anyway Trust wallet can help me recover my stolen funds from this address 0x3693f41e28AE61320D69cce41336B83c07C92CFB

Because I never initiated a transfer to that address I only sent BNB from my Binance to my trust wallet account only to discover that another transfer happened immediately from my trust wallet to the above address
My address: 0x58830DacAb514b9ad7b2E79c6985E405A49fEfF2

Transaction Hash: 0x1ee84cdf34ac5f4cc5e0acb2787ef6387e0d6366989c166d776839d5fdb0960e

BNB token: 0.06710132 BNB

Wallet version: 18:12.2