Update on March 2020 Referral Rewards


  • Earned Referral Rewards will be reviewed.
  • TWT Distribution for March Referral Rewards target is by April 7,2020.
  • Whitelisting of users will be implemented starting April 1st.
  • More promotions coming so stay tuned.

Where are my TWT?

Amazing day everyone.
We hope everyone is safe and away from any kind of harm.

As you all know we have introduced this Invite A Friend. Earn Trust Wallet Token (TWT) campaign at the beginning of March 2020.
This is aimed towards rewarding loyal and active Trust Wallet users.
We have seen great participation for a lot of users and this is well appreciated.

There are loads of entries to sift through and we only have a few people that can verify and check them individually. We are targeting the release of March Referral Rewards, at least 7 days after the month ends. Tentatively, we are looking at April 7, 2020 for the rewards to be distributed.

Those who participated fairly will be given the rewards. The system validates how you have done the referral and it will automatically check for those who violated the rules. We will only consider users who have referred using Multi-Coin wallets.

The rewards shown on the app is not yet final and it may change.

As much as we want to incentivize more users, unfortunately there are people who have gamed the system. The changes of the promotion is aligned with the guidelines, and has been agreed upon by the team. So if you did not follow the rules then the app will automatically show a status of Banned.

Note: Once rewards are released, we will post here transactions for transparency. A leaderboard will also be created to show your rewards earned.

April 2020 and Onwards

For the month of April, we will start whitelisting users who are providing their referral links. If we do not see value on the users doing referrals and also for the user signing up, the referral codes will be set to an Inactive state. We will also implement a filter for users before they can start earning referrals. Basically, you need to show your worth first before you can actually earn referrals. This will begin on April 1st and it is not a joke.

Learn how to Activate Your Referral Rewards here!

Repeating what we have mentioned at the start of the campaign, this is aimed towards rewarding loyal and active Trust Wallet users.

Whitelisting of users will eliminate anyone just installed the app and used the referral links. We need a userbase that wants the tokens and use the tokens on the wallet.
Learn more about Trust Wallet Token (TWT).

There are still other ways to earn TWT besides doing referral. We are actively monitoring users who contribute to the group. We have several support channels and our community site is also growing.
Please standby for other future promotions.

For now, Stay Safe and #StayDecentralized.