Updated to latest Trust ap on IOS and now cannot see coins

I havent been in my old Trust Wallet for some time that I had since 2018. Had some BAT and TRON in there. Logged in using my encrypted password and passcode (that is all I used back then as didnt have a recovery phrase like other wallets) and I still use the same phone device since that time but seemed there was limited functionality although did show the amount of coins I had purchased back then. Seen in the IOS ap store there was an update to the Trust wallet so I updated the wallet to the latest version and logged in using my passcode I now do not have visibility to my coins in the updated wallet and cannot fathom out how i can get visibility to the wallet. Please are you able to advise on best way to proceed here . Any help appreciated


Hi @Paul21,

Please read and follow this guide (except step 6, no need to submit a ticket): My Crypto is Missing, What Should I Do?

Hi Thanks for the reply. This article doesn`t help me as I do not have a recovery phrase. I only have the passcode and password for the old wallet. The upgraded wallet is on the same phone that I had originally been using the old trust wallet so thought there would be an easy way to access the new wallet in the same way I did before with the passcode and password. Any advice appreciated on this Regards Paul

I see. To double-check, please add the BAT token (you can follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin) and press receive. Take a screenshot and attach it here.

Thanks for the advice here. I have added the BAT token as you have advised and attached here in a screenshot below. Hopefully you can see this image . If not please confirm back


But as you can see it is showing 0 value and I did have a substantial amount of BAT and TRON on the old wallet going back to 2018 and as I have confirmed all I have done is upgraded the wallet which is still on the same phone device that the original wallet was set up on ?

Please press BAT, select "receive, take a screenshot, then send it here.

Hi again please see the screenshot as requested. Thanks again for all the help to try and get this sorted out

There are no BAT (BEP2) tokens here. Are you sure your BAT tokens were BEP2? Try to check the ERC20 and BEP20 versions please.

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Hi there I`m not familiar at all with BEP2 or BEP20 not really up on the technology on this ? i purchased the BAT and the Tron coins back in 2017 so not sure if that would confirm it for you ?? I have 1 wallet that came up when I upgraded my ap to the latest version you can see that here (Unamed … et (ETH)) the other wallet i created when I was playing around with the ap to see if I could find my coins. I have attached screenshots of this below


When I click on the unnamed wallet which I presume is the wallet from the old ap where my coins were held it does bring up a screenshot of all the coins that I had in the wallet but says qty 0 if i then click on BAT for example the whole ap just closes down ? As confirmed previously i am still using the same phone I used back in 2017 that I used to set up Trust ap in the first place all I have done is upgrade to the new ap


Any help appreciated to try and get visibility of my coins back Regards Paul

Do you have any blockchain transaction hash or links where you received BAT and TRON? Also, have you tried to check the multi-coin wallet? You can double-check your address here: https://etherscan.io/, simply enter the BAT address in the search bar.

Hi I dont have any of the links from 2017 that i would have made the transfer to the Trust wallet for BAT and TRON. I dont understand by just upgrading the wallet to the latest version on the same phone device that the coins now seem to have disappered ? I have attached a screenshot of the old wallet as it shows on the updated ap. If i click on export private keys i put in my 4 digit passcode and it says account not found ? And not sure what the copy address is here ?

I see. Let’s try to double-check. Please enable BAT on your multi-coin wallet, press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot, and attach it here. Do the same for the unnamed wallet as well.

Hi Thnaks for the help. I have attached the screenshot of the receiving option for BAT in the multi coin wallet. For the unnamed wallet it does not let me do this because as soon as I click on BAT in this wallet the whole ap just immediately closes down ?? Not sure why it is doing this ? So it does not let me access this information


What is your Trust Wallet app version? (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

Hi I have attached the app version as requested thanks for the help

Thank you for providing the requested information.

Now, please backup the private key of the unnamed wallet by pressing the “i” icon. Save it on a secure place. Backup the recovery phrase of the multi-coin wallet as well.

After doing those, please uninstall the app then install the latest version. Import the multi-coin wallet as well as the unnamed wallet (select ETH, choose private key, then enter it there).

Once done in importing, open the ETH wallet and check for your BAT.

Hi Thanks for the info. But when I go to the unanmed wallet and choose the export private key i put in my 4 didit passcode and get the this as per screenshot below