Withdraw BNB from Coinspot, but I didn't receive anything

Yes that’s what I’m doing. But it did not go through error but there’s deduction for the network fees

Yeah, I can see bro, keeps cancelling the tx and using some of the gas fee, maybe check with your coinsph account, but not obvious whats happening here my friend

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0 balance on the coinsph app. Still error on trust wallet. Is there a chance that i can get back my money?

Whats been used up as gas fees is gone bro, I would suggest you check with coinsph about depositing funds, there could be a minimum deposit amount and thats why your tx is being cancelled

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I need only 0.40$ SmartChain BnB please help me, i will back you that money…

I’ve been trying to convert SafeMoon back to BNB Smart Chain, however each time it just uses up my existing BNB as fees without reducing my SafeMoon balance at all. I’ve tried reducing the SafeMoon amount I want to convert as well but nothing works. Now I barely have any BNB left and when I try to convert my SafeMoon it says I don’t have sufficient balance, why do I need BNB to convert SafeMoon to BNB?

This was 3 days already and when swaping did not receive anything. The one that 3.9bnb is missing

Do you know what happened in this tx 0xe4f822b458ce36193be4410a0f5d4cd3f71c3132c15e9a7411b59f3f455425ca

it shows that 3.9 bnb being sent to anther address 0xD3D2F91ed3d40cAd7B7c95993FdF710FAcC86700 which is where it still is by the looks of it


Here’s my hash, I’m having serious trouble and stress trying to figure out where my funds have went , as it shows i sent them To: - (basically no one) someone please help!!

Along007 - I’ve been trying to get trust wallets assistance for days now. I accidentally sent safemoon to my Ethereum wallet in Coinbase. Now i can’t access either. Would you be able to help me? I’ve been looking for help for over a week. I’m we ar this

i m trying to transfer the VET but ask for VETHOR for processing fees. i cannot buy them on trust wallet. BUY option not available. how do i deal with that. the VET is stuck in trust wallet i cannot withdraw them or transfer them, help

Im not Trustwallet assistance bro, just a user that tries to help if I can.

If you sent to wrong addresses you will need to contact official support on coinbase etc

your tx shows funds went to this address: 0xeC5459719859c4817c299d8Ff972308F44d809d2

Is this not your bep20 address in trustwallet?

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No idea about that sir. After i recieve my funds from exchange i just directly swap it in dex and didn’t recieve any bnb smart chain

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Any help in contacting binance us support? I opened a ticket on March 31, 2021 and have not received any help. I was sending BNB coins from my Trust Wallet to the Binance exchange and did not fill in the ‘optional’ memo field. Ticket number 604518. They have a self service for this in binance but not binance us. i tried their chat and they said they would get back to me, that was 9 days ago. Nothing.

following this is my address

It takes some time for the exchanges like Coinspot, Binance, etc. to process the withdrawal. Please read here: Transferred BNB from Coinspot to Trust Wallet issues - #14 by iamdeadlyz

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