Added Security Measure to Trust Wallet

I hope Trust Wallet Team would add additional security feature such as before transferring or sending your funds to your outside wallet or in any exchange you wish to send your funds, you should and must put first your PIN or PASSWORD prior to the transfer of funds is confirmed and before your funds are finally goes out from your Trust Wallet.

This is to ensure that the person transferring your funds from your Trust Wallet is non other but you.

Also, this is to ensure that when and if someone has stolen your 12 phrase, like for instance scammers tricked you to give your 12 phrase, or someone has guessed the combination of your 12 phrase, then they will still not be able to access your wallet because there is PIN or PASSWORD that they need to input first before your wallet can be finally imported. I hope Trust Wallet Team would consider my point of view. Thanks


The 12 phrases are the highest security and no security above this one. Once you restore your 12 phrases that are the ONLY TIME you can set a PIN, PASSCODE, and Password.

What they can do to add another layer of security is to approve the other devices when accessing or restoring the 12 phrases from the other device just like when you are accessing binance dex like 2FA or it is the user who will setup security on his phone. How he will gonna access his 12 Phrases but it’s always duty to the user not to give his 12 phrases to anyone or even attempt to enter it to any website other than the OFFICIAL wallet.

When discussing about this one many scenarios or security must be added. How about if the user lost/break his/her phone? how he/she will gonna access it if the security will be added or it is needed to approve from the other device.

Again it should be the duty of the user to protect his/her assets not to give his/her 12 phrases to anyone.


Hahaha what a dumb genius. Do you know atomic wallet? Try using it and you will now exactly what I mean. Think first before acting like a genius.


Bro read your 2nd paragraph. I have Atomic wallet and I can access my wallet to all my devices without giving my new device a permission neither on email or from my original device where the wallet created.


And lastly, if you want to be fully secured when withdrawing your funds that would be redundant when it comes to a non-custodial wallet. 1 add 2FA Authenticator 2 add Whitelist address 3 add 2FA token from email. That would make your funds fully SAFU and make your life miserable.


Hahaha you are super genius. Go try and do what you are saying in Trust Wallet. If you can do that all in the Trust Wallet app I will give you 15k TWT.


I like your sarcasm) Cheers mate)

  1. If you enable bio\passcode you can enable it for tx signing) So, ironically, useful part of your post is already here.
  2. While what really funny - do you understand that blockchain non custodial wallets dont need all that childlocks?
    They need responsible and grown up man use. Its easy - do something wrong and it bites your money. Adorable model, imo. Keep your mind open and concentrate.

Before doing transaction if add pin system or password then it will be best


I am going to say that I haven’t seen the exchange of messages above. I believe one needs to do a basics course on what Blockchain wallet is and how it works.

For starters these will help
7 essential steps to keep your wallet secure

3 Steps to protect your crypto wallet

What happens to my funds if Trust Wallet closes


That is a great idea when doing any transaction be it staking and sending password should be enable also will like it if letters (alphabets) are mixed with it.


Other wallets have these safety measures like metamask and tronlink wallet that before transaction is confirmed PIN or PASSWORD is needed to ensure the legitimacy of transaction by the real owners of the wallet.


Hey @Trustbear13 you ou can only protect the wallet from your phone. You can actually activate psscode on Android and iOS

The 12 word recovery phrase is your money. If you lose it, you will lose all cryptocurrencies in your wallet. You can import into all BIP39 HD compliant wallets, so you should keep in mind that even if you enable the passcode, there are several ways to derive private keys from the 12-word recovery phrase retrieving them to other wallets.

Trust Wallet always keeps your data private and safe. We do not store any of your personal information on our servers, therefore we cannot recover your money if you lose your 12-word recovery phrase.


Save the private key and seed phrase offline is the best security ever :wink:


Imtoken uses both. It gives you additional security


You are right dear brother. The most important is password before transaction confirmation.


Add 2FA authenticator , whitelist address and 2FA token from email in trust wallet? You cannot do that at the moment.

You should not just talk or type because you can do so, think before you write next time please. Your replies looks impressive but lacks content.

When you are accessing your atomic wallet with different device with your passphrase, you are to set a passcode and that passcode is used to transfer funds from your wallet. So if scammers get access to your passphrase, they will access your account with different device and different pass code/password and do whatever they want to do in your account. So the best way to keep your account safe is to keep your passphrase VERY SECURE.


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Add more security before importing wallet
Like before you proceed to import. Make a phone verification code or email verification after that you can proceed to importing wallet. If someone know your recovery phrase she/he can add automatically your wallet to him/her wallet easily

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