How to Enable Passcode Security on Trust Wallet (Android)

Steps to Enable Passcode on Android

The Passcode security feature will prevent unauthorized access to the app. Before setting it up, make sure you have a Backup of your Recovery Phrases.
Do not forget the Passcode as this can only be bypassed by reinstalling the app.

Step 1 - Access Settings

Tap on Settings tab and you will see the Passcode toggle under Security.

Step 2 - Set Passcode

Tap the toggle to slide it to right and you will be prompted to enter your new passcode (Don’t forget to backup your wallet (read guide here), so you will be able to recover it if you forget your passcode).

Step 3 - Confirm Passcode

Enter it one more time to confirm that you remember it. All set

Additional Security Features

Besides the basic Passcode settings, you can also choose to enable Fingerprint by turning it on the Advanced Settings under Security.
If you want to use Fingerprint, you need to have this setup first on your device.

Enable Fingerprint

  1. Open Trust Wallet
  2. Tap Settings > Tap “Biometrics and security”. can be also Lock type or Security, then enter your passcode.
  3. Tap Add a Fingerprint and follow further instructions.

You can manage your Passcode Security in Advanced Settings of Trust Wallet.
Not all Android devices has a fingerprint scanner. There are no other options like face or voice unlock.