How To Stake Cardano (ADA) In Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet Introduces Native Cardano Staking!

Trust Wallet has enabled users to stake Cardano (ADA) natively and earn rewards inside their mobile wallet, meaning it’s quicker, easier, and more secure than ever to stake your ADA.

To stake ADA with Trust Wallet you’ll need:

  1. The Trust Wallet mobile app. Get the latest version here
  2. At least 4 ADA tokens in your Trust Wallet as that is the minimum amount needed to stake. Use this guide to purchase ADA directly in Trust Wallet

Important note on staking ADA:

  • When you stake ADA, the entire amount in your wallet is staked and automatically earns rewards. This is a function of the Cardano protocol.
  • Even though your entire amount is staked, your ADA is never locked. You can undelegate or even withdraw your ADA to another address at anytime.
  • Once you stake, you can still deposit more ADA to your address and earn rewards. The more ADA you deposit, the more rewards you earn.

What is Cardano and why stake ADA using Trust Wallet?

Cardano is a Layer 1, Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain that aims to make the world work better and bring about positive global change. Founded by one of the original co-founders of Ethereum, Cardano is regarded as one of the most promising blockchain projects in the crypto space. ADA is the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain, and they are used to pay transaction fees, as well as secure the blockchain.

Since Trust Wallet is multi-chain at its core, it is easier to discover the best APY% across chains and validators, stake in a few clicks, and see staking rewards across tokens in one single wallet.

Once you have ADA in your wallet, you can start staking in just a few steps.

What is Trust Wallet?

Used by over 60 million people worldwide, Trust Wallet mobile is an easy-to-use, true multi-chain self-custody wallet, which allows you to store and manage over 8 million crypto assets including NFTs across 70 blockchains. No more storing your assets across multiple custody wallets or exchanges! You’ll have peace of mind knowing all your assets are in one safe place.

Your private keys are stored on your device and your assets on-chain meaning you are in full control at all times. Trust Wallet gives you the ability to natively buy, swap and stake your favorite crypto without having to leave the app and also connect to dApps with the in-built dApp browser.

Let’s get started staking ADA!

How To Stake Cardano (ADA) using Trust Wallet

Before you begin, please note that you will need a minimum of 4 ADA to stake.

Step 1: Select the Cardano (ADA) asset, and then select the “Stake” button.

Then on the Staking screen, select “Stake” again.

Step 2: In this step, you can optionally choose the validator you want under the “Validator” field. If you’re fine with the current validator, you can select “Next” right away.

If you want to change the validator, just click on the name in the Validator field, select the validator you’d like, and tap on “Stake ADA” in the top left to go back. Then click “Next” once you’re ready.

Step 3: Click the “Confirm” button.

That’s it! You’ve staked ADA using your Trust Wallet and will earn ADA rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions about Staking ADA with Trust Wallet

When do I receive my ADA rewards?

Once you stake ADA in Trust Wallet, your first reward arrives in 15 to 20 days. After that, rewards arrive every 5 days.

Why can’t I change the amount of ADA I’d like to stake?

When you stake ADA, the entire amount in your wallet is staked and automatically earns rewards. This is a function of the Cardano protocol, and your ADA is never locked.

Can I claim my earned rewards anytime?

The minimum to claim rewards is 1 ADA. As long as you have 1 ADA earned in rewards, you can claim anytime.

I staked ADA in the app, but it doesn’t say it’s active yet.

Note that your delegated stake will be active after 6-10 days.

Are my ADA rewards automatically restaked?

Yes, ADA rewards are automatically restaked since auto compounding is part of the Cardano protocol.

Are my ADA rewards locked while being staked?

No, in Cardano your ADA are never locked. You can undelegate or even withdraw your ADA to another address at any time.

What’s the minimum amount of ADA required for staking, unstaking, and re-staking?

You’ll need a minimum of 4 ADA to stake, unstake, or restake.

Note that in order to unstake, you’ll first need to claim any earned rewards – and in order to claim rewards, you’ll need to have at least 1 or more ADA earned.

Can I unstake or change the validator I’ve chosen at any time?

Yes, if you’d like to unstake or change the validator, choose the ADA asset and select the Staking option.

To change the validator, choose the “Redelegate” option, choose a different validator in the “To Validator” field, choose “Next”, then confirm.

If you want to unstake, similarly from the Staking screen, choose Unstake.

Please be aware that there are risks when you stake your tokens.
Read The Risks of Staking to learn more.